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Within Europe and in comparison to other iron ore-producing countries, Spain is not only considered to be politically stable, but also fulfills strict environmental and social guidelines.

Cultural heritage

Economic revitalization

The region of Granada is historically shaped by mining but structurally very weak. With the resumption of iron ore mining, the area will be revived and 1,500 direct and indirect jobs will be created.

Therefore, even the local government of Granada and the government of Andalusia is highly motivated and supports the restart of mining.

Environmentally friendly mining

Minas de Alquife relies on the most modern mining technology and thus guarantees environmentally friendly mining.

In the production process neither toxic waste nor dangerous emissions arise.

Green Steel

Thanks to its ideal location, MdA contributes to a low carbon footprint. Iron ore reaches European steelworks via short transport routes and modern ports which can load ships of HandyMax (30t Tonnen) and Panamax (55t Tonnen) sizes.

This means that fewer exhaust gases and fine dust are released, the environment is protected and the path to green steel is paved.

Own fleet of sustainable vehicles

To reduce emissions, we are using Jeep hybrid vehicles and electric bicycles on our factory premises, which were specially developed for mining. Their use leads to a significant reduction in carbon dioxide emissions and allows our employees more flexibility in their daily work than with conventional vehicles. This is another important step towards sustainable, emission-free mining.



Green Steel

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